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Genshin Impact Artist Creates Stunning Pokemon-Inspired Character Designs

Talented Genshin Impact artist blends game characters with Pokemon in designs. Redditor JhayAlejo's concepts gets praises among fans.

NEOWIZ Initiates Pre-registration for Global Launch of “Master of Knights: Seven Trials”

NEOWIZ's highly anticipated "Master of Knights: Seven Trials" pre-registration begins for the global launch of the thrilling SRPG on iOS and Android.

Supercell’s Clash Mini Now Available for Android and iOS Users in the UK

Supercell's Clash Mini expands its limited-regional launch, bringing strategic board gaming to Android and iOS users in the UK with Update 7.

Genshin Impact 4.0 Livestream: Anticipated Updates, Schedule

Genshin Impact fans await the 4.0 Livestream, where Fontaine's release and exciting updates will be revealed by HoYoverse.

Red Dead Redemption Remaster Possibly Causing Delay in GTA 6 Release

Rockstar Games faces speculation over a potential GTA 6 release delay as a remastered Red Dead Redemption stirs excitement among fans.

Revenant Esports Reveals Partnership with GIGABYTE | AORUS for Skyesports Masters’ CS: GO Roster

Revenant Esports reveals partnership with GIGABYTE | AORUS for Skyesports Masters, uniting cutting-edge technology and top-tier gaming talent.

Genshin Impact Update 4.0 Leak Uncovers Exciting New Banner Characters

Exciting Genshin Impact leak reveal's update 4.0, featuring new characters and rerun banners. Anticipation builds for the August release.

New Battle Royale Game RAIDER SIX Launched in India for Android and iOS

RAIDER SIX, an Indian-developed battle royale, storms onto Android and iOS in India, offering thrilling gameplay and a unique Element U quest.

Hydro Traveler Leaked in Genshin Impact: All You Need to Know

Fontaine leak reveals Hydro Traveler's abilities in Genshin Impact, adding water-based attacks to Aether and Lumine's arsenal. Exciting details!

Enigma Gaming: The Latest Franchise in India’s Skyesports Masters

Enigma Gaming, Mumbai's renowned esports organization, joins Skyesports Masters, India's biggest gaming tournament, with star-studded roster and international imports.

Genshin Impact Leaks Unveil Exciting Weapons in Version 4.0

Exciting leaks from Genshin Impact Version 4.0 reveal upcoming weapons in the Fontaine region, offering players a thrilling sneak peek.

Fortnite Winter’s Legacy Set: Exclusive Rewards for Fortnite Crew Members

Fortnite Crew members are in for a treat with the Winter's Trickster Legacy Set, offering exclusive rewards and thrilling unlocks.